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The cool night air slides across my throat and face, but the delicious embrace of my leather second skin keeps me warm everywhere else. I land effortlessly on my feet but allow myself to tip onto all fours anyway. I slink forward along the flat rooftop, my muscles protesting not at all at the effort of maintaining the pose. Every hour of work to build them is worthwhile when it's time to play.

I've shed the trappings of normal existence for another night, with all the false and tedious expectations that come with it. Tonight the city is mine and my whims are the only law. Even so, I've passed up a few chances to pull off a cat-burglary already. There was nothing shiny or thematic enough to be irresistible, although I'd normally have done it anyway just to teach the careless a lesson. But tonight I'm hunting a different prey.
Finding him is next to impossible so it's really just a matter of waiting for him to find you. Up here, boldly trespassing on his territory, that should happen soon enough. Most people would be casting around trying to look everywhere at once. But I know him too well and need only keep an eye on the full moon hanging low in the night sky. When something eclipses it, my lips curl into a smile and I turn my head.

Silhouetted above a raised section of the roof, the unmistakable shape of the Dark Knight cuts into the sky. The image of invincible retribution that brings terror to the heart of every criminal in Gotham City. Even these days, the sight makes my heart lurch and gives me a little buzz of adrenaline. I welcome it. Whatever he might be when he takes the mask off, this is the power that makes me want him.
He moves forward and drops down onto the main level. There's that slight hesitation that I always notice when we meet like this. I rise and walk towards him like I own the whole place. His gaze moves downward to track my swaying torso as I advance. Tactically, this is smart – tracking my centre of gravity is the proper way to keep ahead of my moves and would do more to keep him alive in combat than trying to read my face.

That isn't why he's doing it. I doubt he could look away if Grundy was about to take his head off.

I raise my right fore-paw and take the flesh of the glove between my teeth, sliding my hand out and dropping it with a push from my tongue. I'm a good enough kitty to know that you should sheath your claws before you jump on someone. There is an involuntary flicker of movement in that famously stoic lower jaw.
My mind flickers briefly to my gal pal/ mortal enemy Poison Ivy. She's been trying to perfect her pheromone-assisted uber-Dom routine for so long, with the desperate aim of finally breaking down the inscrutable Batman. All these years and she still hasn't managed it. I've been... much more successful.
I could put it down to her massive amount of closeted lesbianism – when your sex life needs a reality check from Harley Quinn, you clearly haven't been loving yourself well enough to make it work with someone else. But the truth is a little more complicated than that. Ivy always saw the outfit and the persona as a disguise, wanted to peel it back and get to the man underneath. She couldn't understand that the masked and leather-clad figure before me is the ultimate expression of who he truly is. I can, because I am Catwoman more than I am Selina Kyle. We were both completely naked every time we fought, but nobody else could tell. Small wonder that events took the path they did.

I reach him and place my left paw on the immovable wall of his armoured chest, running my claws lightly across the surface. He's breathing quite hard by his extraordinary standards as his eyes slide up to meet mine. I can feel an urgent hunger and – I like to tell myself – an honest affection in his gaze, but his body language contains a degree of reserve brought on by his bottomless distaste for crime. Whatever else we are to each other, part of me will always be a bad girl to him – and he'll always feel some degree of need to overpower and punish me until I truly learn my lesson.

The thought courses through my body and gets me halfway to orgasm before he's even touched me.

I take what I want and I don't care about rules – but honestly, I would normally ask someone if they were sure before I went any further than this. With him, however, it's time for me to play detective. I step close and move to kiss him. He turns to meet it and I taste the familiar sweetness of his mouth mingled with the scents of fresh air and a well-kept costume. Using the distraction, I slide my bare hand across to pick-pocket that dorky belt of his. I slip open the third pouch on the left – and find that once again he's replaced the condoms since last time. Preparation is one of his best skills.

I step back and lift one of them up in front of me as I open it one-handed. I give him a stern look, trying to mimic the vivid image in my memory of him producing a stolen diamond from the pouches of my outfit as exactly as I can. I think he gets the reference, a reproachful pout battling with an amused smile across what I can see of his features.
I dip suddenly and pull his legs out from under him. He doesn't resist or counter, instead falling expertly without even winding himself. His cloak is spread out like a blanket beneath him. I stand full height above him for a moment, letting him take in the view, before I drop down astride him.

I pop open the fastenings of his breastplate with practised ease and toss it aside before sliding up  the shirt front beneath. As always, the sculpted perfection of his body makes my breath catch. I don't know how old he is now, but maintaining this kind of figure for as long as he has is even more impressive than attaining it in the first place. I wonder how he finds the time to do anything except hit the gym.
Even so, he couldn't be a model without a lot of help from Photoshop. His skin is a network of varied scars, a monument to Gotham's substantial criminal element. My bare fingers trace a pale quartet of parallel lines that I'm pretty confident were my doing. There's no mistaking the reproach in his face now.

I hook my claw into the oversized ring on my zipper and pull slowly. The zip goes as far down as down goes. My chest rises and parts as it is freed, and I arch my back so that the long scar on my side left by one of his bat-shuriken things catches the light. All defiance and disapproval fades out of his mesmerised face.
I open a couple of other fastenings to expose my crotch properly – I redesigned this version of the suit for convenience in that regard. I let him look for another moment before unfastening the codpiece of his armour. A glance beneath tell me that his knack for preparation hasn't failed him here either.
I throw the armoured plate away and hook my claws into the fabric of his underwear. His frame stiffens but he does not falter as I delicately tear away the last obstruction. I smile as I apply his less restrictive form of protection.

I raise myself above the tip and envelop him as I descend. I hear him groan with pleasure as the sensation fills me. I make full use of my leg strength, rising high and descending smoothly in an easy rhythm. I send a gymnastic rippling movement through my body with each downward motion, intensifying the sight and the sensation for him as I revel in the internal fireworks of each self-inflicted thrust. He endures my caress for only a few minutes before being utterly overcome.

Hungry for more, I drop downward onto him. My breeze-chilled nipples press into the warmer flesh of his chest as my mouth finds his once again. I lose myself in his kiss as his hand gently grasps the side of my head. As he starts to slacken off my claws find his side and lightly but cruelly rake their way down his torso. His hand tightens and his passion redoubles.

He rallies himself after only a couple of minutes and accesses his belt pouch with impressive dexterity for a guy in heavy gloves. I lift myself off him as he finishes preparing himself.
When he moves, he moves like lightning. His powerful hands grasp me and he flips us over, slamming me against the roof hard enough to make me cry out. Suddenly my clawed paw is twisted behind my back and my bare hand is pressed down above my head with my wrist in his iron grip. His face is inches away from mine.

“Yes?” His voice is soft, speaking for the first time since we met tonight. I lock my eyes in his, as firm and certain as I can be. “Yes” I reply.
His grip begins to tighten, while the other hand twists my other arm toward the limit of even my flexibility. At the threshold of pain I let out a gasp. The machine that is his body tightens brutally one more time and I moan with joy as I open myself wide for him.
I am more than prepared and there is no problem with him going hard from the outset. He thunders through me in wave after wave. As each tide of sweetness recedes, the savoury relish of the pain resurfaces before being flooded out by the next. His face is a picture of concentration, his whole self focused utterly upon the task. I cannot move my arms or torso even an inch and the useless freedom of movement of my parted legs only enhances the feeling of helplessness.
My world shrinks in every dimension, becoming smaller and simpler and more momentary. Eventually I cannot contain the overwhelming sensations and throwing back my head I let them come pouring out of my mouth. As I climax he releases himself, his body sagging as his hands ease themselves off me.

He rolls aside and lands on his back next to me. I slowly become able to hear his breathing as my own panting begins to subside. I draw myself closer and curl up against him.
In the quietness and stillness the sounds of the city start to drift into my ears. The rumbling and shouting of oblivious cars and pedestrians, the skyward cries of distant cats answering the voice of one of their own. But it all seems as unimaginably remote as the stars winking above us beyond the clouds. In the warmth and peace I feel there is only myself and him. I could stay like this for hours.

Sadly, it only seems like a few minutes before the world intrudes. A new light flashes into life in the corner of my eye. I turn to see a beam of light striking skyward, painting a cloud with the most familiar symbol in the city.
He sits up immediately, alert in an instant. I'd call it obsession, but there is a reluctance in his movements as he goes to retrieve his armour that speaks of a different kind of compulsion. It's beyond my comprehension how a guy can genuinely feel obligated to do as much as he does. But it's something I respect about him, that I lo- like about him a lot.

I close myself up with little more than a long upward pull. Rolling back onto all fours, I slink back to my discarded glove and complete the embrace by pulling it up to my aching wrist.
“Think you're going to need back-up?” I call over to him. He turns and smiles broadly at me, cocking his head as if to say 'are you kidding me?' I grin back and launch myself into the night.
We Are The Night (Erotica Genre Piece)
The second genre to be selected was Erotica - everyone wanted to try it and everyone liked mine! Although it is unfortunately fan fiction, I had too many good ideas to pass up (starting from an old musing on how to do the sex scene at the end of New 52's Catwoman #1 in a way that didn't suck). I was told that the character's voice came through really strongly and that I had a gift if I could do this on my first attempt at Erotic literature. Hope that you agree, let me know in the comments!

Alternative title: The Dark Knight Rises...

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Yeah, here will do. Take it easy, I'm not trying to lure you away to mess you up. I just need this to be private and anonymous is all. I see you looking around, trying to figure why this place ain't an obvious warzone and wondering when the nice normal folks are gonna go for your throat. I get it – a double murder happens because 'a mob' just did it for no reason, must be the Wild West out here huh? Except you know that there must have been a reason. So you come down here to get the story and don't got a clue where to look. Well, I'll give the whole thing and you can go back up to the nice safe neighbourhoods you like right after. I know what really went down.

Yeah, double murder. A girl died too. I know she hasn't been on any front pages, but you at least heard about her, right? There you go then.
So... let's see. Niccolo Machiavelli once said – what, you think I don't know about him? Fuck you, I read. Anyway, most people who know the quote didn't actually read the book. They just know that he said if you wanna have power over people, “it is better to be feared than to be loved”. Right?
Well, Officer Jennings must have been a real big fan of that saying. In all the years he was patrolling down here his number one goal was to make people scared of him. He never stopped anyone because he wanted to make the streets safer – he stopped 'em because he wanted to make them scared of the police. The more people down here are afraid, the more power the cops have got over 'em – and they can use that power to keep people like you safe from everyone like us. It's what you pay 'em for, right?
Course, it wasn't all selfless public service. Least not unless he thought hot girls were a bigger threat than anybody else. He didn't tend to do more than touch 'em up a bit – papers say he had a perfect marriage to a loving wife, so he must have been getting it at home, right? But he really liked having them totally in his power for those few minutes, you could tell. Guy does that enough he gets a rep, you know? You wouldn't have heard about it, but everyone down here sure had.

So that night Jennings was out without his partner. Don't know why, that's still 'being investigated'. Sure ain't gonna happen again around here any time soon – it'll be trigger happy pairs all the way. Anyway Tanya and her friend – let's call her Jane – were walking from one friend's house to another. Warm night, so they weren't dressed in more than they needed to be – like that should matter. They'd been partying most of the night and had a few drinks in 'em, so they were laughing pretty loud. At least one of them was smoking a cigarette, maybe they were passing it between 'em. Papers say Jennings reported that he was going to investigate a 'suspected drugs offence' so I'm guessing that's the flavour of bullshit he radioed in before he got out the car.

So he saunters out in his usual way, demanding instant obedience. Lousy twist to the evening for anybody, but they knew the score like I said. So he's asking if they've got any drugs on 'em and they know full well they've got nothing but rolling tobacco, just a question of waiting for him to 'check'.
Problem was that Jane started freaking out a little. She got attacked by a guy last year. Actually plucked up courage to go to the cops about it, only to find the bastard sitting there in a uniform when she arrived. Charges were never brought, of course, so you wouldn't have heard about that. Anyway she was not in a place to deal with threatening guys in uniform and started backing off – which with Jennings is a red rag to a bull. So he starts pressing toward her and Tanya – who knows full well what's up with that – gets in his face and starts shouting at him to leave her alone. She was that kind of friend.
All this shouting makes a couple of guys in the area start running toward it. The first to get there is Tanya's boyfriend – let's call him Jake. He'd have been walking with them except he got stuck on the can and said he'd catch up. If he'd been there at the start Jennings might never have stopped – not cause he was scared, but because that many together would be too much hassle.  
Anyway Jake remembers Jennings pretty well though it probably ain't mutual. Last year his brother got a fatal brain haemorrhage from a cop's nightstick. Jennings held him back while it was happening, which I guess is the kind of thing that burns a face into your memory. Yeah, I figured you didn't hear anything about that. So he sees the two of them and comes over to try and get her to back off before she gets hurt.
Jennings already has a hand on his gun because people aren't doing exactly what he says, so the moment he sees Jake he draws and yells at him to get down on the ground. Jake just lifts his hands up and drops to his knees, Jennings pointing the gun at him the whole time. Tanya backs off a bit but she still sort of hovers in front of the Jane, who is freaking out completely.

Jennings is yelling at Jake to lie flat on his front when the other guy turns up. Most folks don't run towards a loud situation in the middle of the night, but 'Joe' is different. He enlisted pretty young – they recruit a lot down here cause we'll fight for cheap, don't know if you knew that – and he kinda sees himself as a local protector these days. Saved a few people from getting beaten up too badly in fights. He's heading toward Tanya when Jennings sees him. Needless to say he swings his aim around and yells at Joe to get down and Tanya to move away.
So Joe raises his hands. Tanya is backing away when she gets to the edge of the kerb. But the stone at the edge is all broken up. When she steps on it it shifts and she goes stumbling. Jennings sees the sudden movement and just spins and shoots her.

Yeah. That's what happened. I know the cops said that they reckoned the other dead person was part of the mob and that he'd killed her in self-defence, but that's as close to it as he came. Gunshots are kinda deceptive – you'd barely notice the hole in the chest that it made. But they do the job. She dropped like a stone and was just... gone.

Most people duck and run when they hear a gun go off, much less see it fire. Jake sure hit the deck and Jane screamed louder the the shot itself. But Joe had the full training to spread fear abroad and after his Tours his responses were... different. I guess Jennings must have frozen and I don't think anyone else even saw what happened. But a second after the shot, the gun was lying on the street and Joe was beating on him like a psycho.
I think Jennings got some hits in, but he was getting his stick free anyhow. Then Jane went running towards the fight and Jake comes bounding up off the sidewalk to try and protect her. They both get to the scrap at the same time. She starts hitting and kicking Jennings like mad and Jake just kinda pitches in instead of dragging her off. Jennings doesn't keep his stick either.

Punches and kicks are deceptive too. They just sorta bounce off the outside, so you don't see what they're doing to the bones and squishy bits underneath. The reports make it sound like he got run over by a truck, but they weren't laying into him for more than ten seconds or so.
The question was, what then? They'd crossed some serious lines that you don't never cross. So a choice got made inside someone's head - let's not call 'em anything, even a fake name - and that person grabbed a chunk of the broken kerb and cracked it down on his head three times.

There ain't nothing deceptive about smashing a man's brains out with a brick.

So then they're all standing there wondering what the fuck to do next. In case you're wondering, not one of 'em thought that they should call the services and wait for more cops. In the end they did the only thing that was possible - ran different ways to wherever they felt safe and prayed that Tanya was as dead as she looked when they left her lying there.

How do I know all this? Well, maybe they're my friends and I got the story from them. Maybe I was right there watching it happen and was too scared to do anything. Maybe I'm in the story and I just ain't owning up to it. I sure ain't gonna tell the tale in court, if that's what you wanna know. I don't even know if you can use it. I just thought one of you should know the truth about what happened to Tanya Maidstone.

See, the truth is what this was all about. Truth is, Nic never said that 'it is better to be feared than to be loved'. He was smarter than that. What he actually said - if you read it - was 'it is better to be feared than to be loved - as long as you aren't hated'.
Up where you live, you're afraid that the cops will get you if you do something wrong. That gives them power to keep you in line. Down here, we're afraid that the cops'll get us if we cross the street at the wrong time - cause they do that every week. That kind of treatment don't just breed fear, it breeds hate. And if you're hated enough, the guys that hate you will kick your ass even if they're pissing themselves the whole time. And that's why Nic said the second half of the only thing he's remembered for.
Let me guess - you didn't know about that.
What Nic Said (Urban Genre Piece)
Hey there, I ain't dead! I've simply been putting all of my creative time into a blog rather than this site. You can read it here:…
That said, I've just joined a Writing Group in my home town - so I'll be producing a short story every two weeks time permitting. As a result, you can (finally) expect new updates from me!

Annual Review

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2012, 4:33 PM
Well, round three of The Book Of Stories proved to be my last. It was close though. The two-person collaberation that beat me went on to win the entire contest. Go check out :iconhisiheyah: and :iconsimply-irenic: - they're both worth it!

Aside from entering a Dragon Age OC contest I haven't really kept up with DA this year. I'm happy with the few pieces I've done, but there haven't been enough. More work and a hectic life have been the major culprits but it's also been the case that the key creative pieces I've been failing to get on with are non-DA in nature. On the slim chance that you've been missing your Kingspikearcher updates, I should invite you to check out the blog I've started here: www.kingspikearcher.blogspot.c…

One thing I have done this year is to organise my existing galleries by subject matter. I've also got a 'Very Favourites' gallery now, since my Favourites are now too numerous to function as a recommendation to others the way I want them to. To qualify as a Very Favourite the work needs to be something that I'm still thinking about days after hitting the Favourite button.
The sub-division of my gallery means that I now have a 'BDSM' section. With nearly 2000 views between the features pieces, I guess I'm pretty much as 'out' as it gets on here. That's actually been a pretty lengthy and beneficial process all told.

Unfortunately I can't say that it's been a perfect year for me on DA. Only a short time after I created the sub-galleries I had a fellow Christian accusing me of sexual sin, and I've had a long and bitter debate with a certain other deviant over his claims that every heterosexual male dom on Earth is a 'ball-less, egotistical sonofabitch who is not worth a hunk of tuburcular spit' and should ideally be executed for their crimes against their brainwashed victims. I've also had far more positive discussions in note form with other people, but it did sour my experience a tad.

Here's to a better fifth year!

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